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MTD has no published email contact. That says a lot to begin with. I purchased a 21 inch mower from Home Depot a few months ago. It ran fine once, then one month later had obvious fuel problems. I stripped the carburetor and it rand twice in the next month, then had the same problem a month later. Home Depot wouldn't take it back and MTD has no contact online. I have had countless mowers over the years and this is the worst piece of rubbish I... Read more

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I thought I would go big and buy a MTD snowblower. I spent $1000 at Menards thinking my shoveling days were over. I was wrong. I feel MTD is the worst product I have ever bought. I didn't get 1 full use out of it before the blade locked up. I finished shoveling. I brought it to get repaired which was $150. The next winter it snowed, I bring out my MTD snowblower only to see that it doesn't start. You would think a brand new snowblower that... Read more

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Purchased a MTD Pro® 28" 2-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start-243cc from Menards and the cable broke on the first use. The quality of this machine in inferior and now I have to look for another quality brand snow blower to purchase. There is a website to order replacement parts, but really, I should not have to do repairs. The MTD website doesn't have any information on how to return for a full refund, and will contact Menards for their... Read more

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As a small engine mechanic who has worked on hundreds of these snowblowers made by mtd, I find them great value for the money.They are are durable when looked after properly and perform like they should .If you keep the carbs clean, under carriage greased, and new belts they perform well.That has been my experience. Add comment

Purchased a lawn trimmer. Didn't work well from the start (either wouldn't start or it would start then splutter and stop). Took it in for repairs. The authorized repairer told me MTD had given me incorrect instructions and charged me for repairs. I called MTD who spoke to the repairer and came back to me to say the repairer had blamed me for breaking the product (which I am happy to say, I didn't). MTD then told me to "go away" as they were not... Read more

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Purchased a brand new MTD Pro 21" 3 in 1 self-propelled mower from Menards last Sunday. Worked perfect for 20 minutes than carburetor spewed gas non-stop because carburetor float or needle and seat failed. Forced to take to authorized service center because Menards where I bought it from refused to replace it. Its been 7 days and they havent even looked at it yet.What a waste of over $400 And the worst customer service ever . Now grass is... Read more

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Same problem here. I had only used ours once before. While using mtd powermore plus 357 cc snowblower, cable for the drive wheels broke from handle. Farm n fleet, certified repair, advised that I will have to pay for transporting of the snowblower $40 to repair $15 cable that broke upon the second use. Had a craftsman for 13 years that never had a single problem....we replaced the craftsman with this useless piece of junk only because we... Read more

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barely a year old and this engine has failed to start the two times it was needed this winter. How can any company sell such absolute junk? Of course, they can't fix it, and why should they? They and Home Depot already have the money. Our old snow blower started every time, every winter without fail. The carburetor on this fiasco apparently clogs at the drop of a hat. That was corrected the first time, now, the second time the blower was... Read more

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I just bougth brand new snow blower from manerd i could't even started. Please do not make any more. Add comment

I bought an MTD and paid over $600 for it, it's a 2 stage. I used it 4 times. The Manuel says "to store for the season remove all fuel from the tank" I did that. Next season, it didn't work. I called Menards, they said to call MTD. I bought an extended warranty. I called MTD and they said, without looking at it "You must have put bad gas in it". I told them they're setting me up and I know they're not going to fix it. They then said "did you run... Read more

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