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I previously purchased an MTD Snowthrower Gold Series & paid almost $1,000.00 for it. I took very good care of it having it serviced annually & always making sure that there was enough gas & oil in it.

Anyhow, this past winter I tried to start it using the electric starter feature. It took almost 30 minutes using fuel stabilizer, etc., etc. Finally, It started & I let it idle for about 10 minutes. Then, I began to plow a swath of snow.

I only went about 2o feet before it stalled. I restarted it using the recoil rope-pull starter. Again, It worked momentarily & stalled out. This time when I tried to restart it using the recoil starter, the rope could NOT be pulled.

Same with the electric starter. No soap! I contacted the dealer & had it looked at & was told the engine had "seized up" & there was no hope for it! I then contacted MTD & they didn't want to know me.

Their customer relations dept. just plain SUCKS! So, I reported them to the BBB in Ohio (the state in which MTD is located) & the Ohio State Attorney General's Office. No one could do anything for me.

Situation hopeless.

So, I warn ALL consumers out there to NOT purchase MTD Snowthrowers or other brands made by them such as Yardville, Troy-Built, possibly Toro which use Tecumseh engines, the worst engine possible. Do Not Buy MTD Snowthrowers or you'll be one pissed-off consumer like myself!

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Reply to stormint, 11-10-11. The engine was drained for an oil change but was checked before starting & it read full.

The machine was a piece of garbage.

Just like "small engine repair tech" stated above: "MTD is LOW LEVEL equipment." I advise all consumers NOT to purchase their products. You will be sorry.


always check the oil, wipe the dip stick 3 times, air cooled small engines need all 20 onces, all the time !!! people used to bring in seized engines with fresh oil in them!!

come on guys! mtd is low level equipment, that is why it cost less!! dont ever buy power equipment from any super store it is made just for them and is built to there specs. go buy an ariens or toro from a power equipment shop.

they are different machines. i was an ariens dealer..

the home depot ariens is not the same machine... as a dealer i could by the depot cheapo machine from ariens used to keep one in the show room just so people could see the difference


Sounds like to me that the engine was drained for an oil change and someone forget to put oil back in it! That is the only logical and mechanical explanation for a motor siezing that fast. No contest

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