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First of I bought a 21" Troy Bilt squall 521 (junk) snowblower 3 months ago. The (Plastic) scraper blade wore out in less then 6-10 light snow falls. When the scraper wheres out the auger will begin to hit the cement and wear that down.

Eventually breaking the cheaply made probably imported from china auger. So I called the warranty phone number they tell me that I have to bring it to a service dealer for a warranty appraisal. So I haul piece of junk there only to be told that yes it's a bad design and yes he does see plenty of this problem he goes on to tell me that this is very common.

MTD who owns Troy Bilt will tell him that the repair is not covered. A day later I get the call that it's $60 + $8 shipping for a new auger and $45 per hr to repair it and not coverd. Just about $100 + to repair a 3 month old snow blower with a 2yr warranty that they don't honor.

Overall I was disappointed the performance in the first place. The single stage snow thrower left behind snow and tended to kick snow out the front and back of the blower. Had to go back with the shovel to scrape all of the left over snow it wouldn't pick up.

I even called and spoke with Bill at the warranty/service department of MTD he gave me the same song and dance were not going to fix it. I called a repair shop to see about repairing the Troy Bilt Squall 521 the guy at the shop said they refuse to work on any MTD equipment that it's all junk and a pain to work on parts are hard to find etc.

The guy at the shop said to cut my losses and buy a Snapper because they stand behind there equipment. Hopefully I have saved some people from making a $469 mistake like I did. Actually it will be $569 mistake since I am going to have to fix it.

Also the part is back ordered for 15 days guy at the store said it's a popular part and figured that MTD makes quite a mint on replacement parts. Whatever brand you buy make sure it's not affiliated with MTD in any way here are a few that I know of. Cub Cadet, Troy bilt, Yard Machine they are all made by MTD Do Not Buy.

Monetary Loss: $469.

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Same issue with a Cub Cadet (MTD) self propelled walk behind mower. The shaft failed after 8 months.

The unit has a 3 year warranty and MTD is refusing to fix it. Says it is my fault.

My last mower lasted 10 years, this mower not even a year. Waste of $450, MTD tells me I have to speak to their legal department and litigate.




Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #586562

I bought a 26" Yardman (MTD) snow-thrower with a 208cc OHV engine (made in China by some mystery company for MTD). I have spent 3hrs or more repairing the piece of trash for every hour I've actually ran it.

Of course it's broke right now and we're in the middle of a 14" or better snow storm.

This time it's the ignition coil which of course no one has in stock. No matter what the salesperson tells you the engines are not a name brand and they are junk!


I wish I had done my homework before purchasing MTD 21" snow thrower 2 years ago. I just started having problems with carborater.

Luckly I can do stuff myself and this thing is a piece of ***. Engine and carb made in China. Scraper blade made of plastic and does not last. I thought MTD was a great company but like a lot of other US companies started source in China.

So their quality has gone down the crapper. Do your due diligance and buy something of better quality.


Could someone tell me what I can do my husband aired up the tires on thisYard MAchine snowblower and the plastic rim exploded. The first tire he did was fine and now the second as he was putting on the cap it exploded leaving him with 2 broken fingers and a broken thumb nail in several peices that the doctor in the ER had to sew back on.

Now he is in a cast in severe pain and my need surgery because of the severity of the brake.

Can someone tell me what to do please. Anna


I did a lot of research on snow blowers before I purchased one. All of you writing comments on here complaining about MTD was helpful.

I began to find that most brands are now made by MTD. I also found a lot of problems with MTD, mainly with their cheap China engines and drive train. I did not stop with what I read. I went to the small engine repair shops in my area and spoke with the mechanics.

When I asked what I should by, the first answer everyone gave was not to buy MTD. They said find something with a Briggs engine or other name brand. Then they showed me the long line of MTD (or other brands made by them) snow blowers that all had common problems with the engines or drive train. Sad thing was, most of the machines were less than 3 years old.

Needless to say, I did not buy an MTD product.

Take a look at Husqvarna, Honda, Toro, or even Snapper. I also found out that John Deere will no longer be making snow blowers after this year.


:grin I have two MTD products (lawn mower and snowblower) I have never experianced any of the problems mentioned in these complaints. Snow blower have for 3 years and mower for 8 years. Lawn mower starts on first pull everytime and snowblower always within 3 pulls or once on electric start.

#265673 not buy MTD snowblowers. Took it out of the box ran for 20 minutes then quit.

Took it to a authorized dealer they tried to get me to upgrade to a different brand for addt.$$$ Menards would not take it back because we had put gas in it!

(Like we would have known that it was defective before putting gas in it??) best advice don't buy! Wasted $$ :(


I have a one month old mtd (not worth capitalizing)snow blower I cant use because the transfer gears to the augers have stripped. All from my first time using it with recently fallen snow.

Big Box Store wont take it back. Wish I'd known about the lack of warranty help before hand.

My mtd mower is a work horse though. *** hum........


We bought a Cub Cadet 4yrs ago and has worked fine until this year. When a shear pin breaks , it does so to protect the snowblower.

Except this machine , it took out the gear box and not just ours. The dealer said he had 2 of them last with the same problem.

Evidently, MTD is cheaping out and a shear will no longer protect your machine. We will make sure not to buy anything made by MTD again.

Bath, New York, United States #251439

We have YardMan 2B5 and it is the worst quality snowblower I have ever owned. MTD makes it for several companies.

Very cheap auger engagement mechanism. Stay away


I have been doing warranties for MTD for 15yrs, I agree with Mark, None of the problems mentioned are common. Most of the repairs we see are not the machines fault, but the users.

If these consumers are being told what they say, then they need to find another warranty repair center. Also, if people would read and UNDERSTAND the owners manual and warranty statement, most of these problems could be avoided. We have found that most people dont buy the correct machine they need for the job, they go in looking for the biggest and cheapest they can find. When you buy from a MTD dealer we try to get the right machine for the job, when you buy from a big box store, they get your money and they are done.

Try supporting your small bussiness in town,in the end you will be glad you did,and the price will be the same. Dealers have to sell units for the same price as your box stores, the main difference you see is service.


Hey "Get real" Its not about being lazy and having a shovel, It is about the size of the area that needs to be cleared. There are some people in this world who do not live in a two bit trailer trash park where it takes 3 swipes of the shovel to clear a parking spot.

Have a great day. :grin


I bought the MTD PRO with a 30" cut and 347cc engine. Worked great and I loved it.

After 1 and a half hours the engine siezed up and would not start again or even turn over. Had plenty of oil in it and the snow we just had was not a heavy or wet snow.

Took it back to Menards and they told me to go get it fixed at the Warranty center. We'll see how that goes but in my opinion they should have taken it back considering I just bought it last night and it only ran for a little over an hour.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #221960

You lazy dicks need to buy SHOVELS and use your backs! Lazy Americans!


I am very upset With my MTD Snow Blower. Just recently we had a 4" snow and I stared my machine( on the first pull after sitting all summer) and the belt broke on the first pass.

I also had a flat tire. It would seem that after 19 years and only changing the oil that I wouldn't have these problems. OH and I had to get a new set of chains this year also. The machine has been used heavily most years.

10 to12 in. not unusal and 30 to 40 in. on occasion. We had 120 inches total last winter and this was a record but 85in.

per year is an average. This Machine has been a work horse. I clean my own long drive and side walks and I do several of my neighbors as well. This has been a great machine.

In 1991 I paid 225.00 at a year end sale. It has been the best money I ever spent


I bought an MTD and have spent 2 times what i paid for it for warranty repair i called thier tech line and they told me that they only cover part and not the tech time sould like a bunch of *** to me well i used it one day this year and the auger wobbles i called and they said it would cost 341 dollars to repair i told them i would ship the piece of junk back to them in a hundred pieces after i cut it up with a torch they really reallly suck


I have owned a 10 hp 28" wide snow blower from Huskee (MTD) and it is the BEST blower of the five that I have owned. It made my 8 hp Bobcat suck !!

Use sta-bil in the fuel, change oil every fall (use synthetic..cranks nice in the cold) air up the tires in the fall and this machine will flat out blow snow any where and as high up as you like!! The only problem I have encountered is that the slides on the edges of the chute were too thin. I just welded some 1/8 inch strap onto the bottoms and problem solved !! Remember, these machines work in a very harsh environment...everything works against them.

The solution is this: If you don't like your thrower/blower..just pick your scoop shovel and have a go at that !! Cheers !!


I have been trying to get my warranty covered for the last year . They have approved it and it will still cost me 160.00 or so to have it fixed . the head person in charge of warraties in toronto said that that was rediculous and he would fix the problem , well a year later and lots of phone calls to him and still no solution .


MTD short for Missed The Dumpster

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