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I bought an MTD Yard Machine snowblower and after less than 20 minutes of use it threw a rod through the block. The home center said it was under warranty so I took it to a recommended service center.

They sent pictures to MTD and they denied the claim quoting heat and friction damage. $350 down the drain. They claimed that it was because of the wrong or insuficient oil.

The oil was provided by MTD and the oil was changed with MTD oil at the correct new use interval. Sorry doesn't cut it when you don't stand behind your warranty and service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Their Engines are made in China, and they truly are Cheap ***. Unfortunately my engine died with less than 100 hours on it, piston locked up in cylinder, broke connecting rod.

A Class Action Suit would be a good thing!


I bought an MTD snowblower. Total junk.

First tough winter...Both the starter and drive wheel cables brok about a week apart.

Cables are about as thick as fishing line. Nor going to cut it in Minnesota.


Wow, I'm lucky. I bought an MTD snow blower with the tracks in 1996 and have used it ever since.

It starts up right away, runs great, throws snow great. Only problem is the handle lock got jammed and I can't figure out how to fix it. Put new parts in and it still won't release the auger control when I release the clutch handle. Other than that, it's a great machine.

Apparently older was much better. I'm buying a new snow blower next year and giving this one to my neighbor. By the way, I have done NOTHING to this snow blower. Never changed the oil or anything else except replaced one belt.

I guess when I buy the new one, it will be a different brand since reading all these comments. Thanks for the warning.

to Pat Peterborough, Ontario, Canada #950402

Mine's a '99, and I've had to replace all the belts, the Recoil rope and I'm going to replace the transmission idler wheel. As soon as they stopped using Tecumseh Engines, It all went to ***

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States #626446

This consumer claims it blew a rod after less than 20 minutes, but also says the oil was changed at the proper interval. Which is it?

I'm pretty sure the MFR doesn't require the first oil change at 10 or 15 minutes of use! I've got an older 26" 8HP (Tecumseh) MTD that I bought used a few years ago. I live in Alaska and this machine knows snow! My driveway is 120' long and 5 cars wide close to the house.

Other than adjusting the carb one time and the usual wear and tear, it's been great. Not sure I'd buy a new one though due to the recent changes, but this one still has a few years left.


just so everyone knows. yes the older snow throwers worked great.

buy one now and see what happens. my repair shop is literally riddeled with these things. main problem you ask? carbureator.

units will not run off choke. brand new. out of the box.

customer neglect? you tell me.

to repair guy #825146

Ethanol in the fuel is destroying the carbs on these small engines.


I have had a MTD snowblower since 83. It has a 5 hp Tecumseh engine that has given great service. This blower was used at my business in Wv where it cleaned a 1 acre parking lot .

I bought a place in the snow belt of New York and the blower continues it's life here.

Yes I have made repairs, but the ORIGINAL 5 Hp engine is still running and starts on one or two pulls. This blower is stored on the front porch in the cold.

The only engine repair was a Carb due to the throttle shaft wearing the carb housing out causing A lean mixture.

We get some deep snows here and the unit gets a good workout.

RZ HIll I wish someone could have bought tecumseh engines and kept them going.

to RZ Hill Olathe, Kansas, United States #630542

All of the snowblowers of yesterday were made in the good old USA. Along with proper maintenance, this is why your "83" snowblower is still going strong.

Now the engines are made in China by cheap labor with cheaply made parts. This is why people are having trouble with brand new machines.


I did a lot of research on snow blowers before I purchased one. All of you writing comments on here complaining about MTD was helpful.

I began to find that most brands are now made by MTD. I also found a lot of problems with MTD, mainly with their cheap China engines and drive train. I did not stop with what I read. I went to the small engine repair shops in my area and spoke with the mechanics.

When I asked what I should by, the first answer everyone gave was not to buy MTD. They said find something with a Briggs engine or other name brand. Then they showed me the long line of MTD (or other brands made by them) snow blowers that all had common problems with the engines or drive train. Sad thing was, most of the machines were less than 3 years old.

Needless to say, I did not buy an MTD product.

Take a look at Husqvarna, Honda, Toro, or even Snapper. I also found out that John Deere will no longer be making snow blowers after this year.


Still work on units here and there,I found that yes some of engines on Mtd are china engines,dont have much faith in them cause parts are not available for them and there very cheaply made.I personally dont like shipping jobs over seas....

Some of units still have Briggs and Stratton engines and are still good quality,but stay away from china motors.

Look for the Briggs logo on engine,and beware...


Just to set the record straight, MTD stopped using Tecumseh engines on snowblowers in 2008 and since then have been built using what they are calling an MTD Powermore engine. This engine is made by a Chinese manufacturer (Zongshen, from what I understand).

So comments as to how well an older MTD has been running may be irrelevant in this case. I just replaced an old MTD with one of these newer models and the jury is still out as to the quality of the engine. After a couple of hours of operation I have been happy with it, but I will be interested as to longevity.

I did keep the 8 hp Tucumseh off my old machine just in case. :)


Have a MTD and have no problems last 5 years. Brother has same one as me and had no problems.

cant understand all negative reviews sounds like complete desregard for proper upkeep. Have a neighboe with a hugh MTD for his long drive and he has no problems last 6 years.


i'm with brett mine works like a charm, starts right up and really throws the snow. on the east coast this year that's a good thing. i would probably be dead without it from a heart attack.


I've had a yard man snow blower for 7 years and have never had an issue except now I need to change the rubber on the auger. I change the oil every year, drain gas after running sta-bil until empty, change spark plug every 3 years, keep any bolts tight, spray lube whatever parts move and when I'm done for the season I make sure it's completely dry before storing.

Works for me - I'd buy another in a heart beat. :)


I have owned a MTD 8hp 26" snowblower for 15 years and only have needed wear items replaced like all snowblowers need replaced.I only paid $800 and has electric start,large wheels ,etc and would have cost hundreds more for any other brand,works great and have used it in very heavy snow,etc and I would buy MTD products again in an instance


Mtd does not make the engine nor stand by engine warranty because there are two differant companys envoled with the unit...


If you have a 2cycle engine getting the propper oil gas mixture is extremely critical.Its best to understand the mixture of oil per amount of gasoline.Its best to buy engine manufactures oil if possible and get the small bottle that mixes with one gallon of gas exactly,at the gas station pump exactly one gallon and shake the gas and oil together for 20 seconds.... 8)


8) Mtd units are sold a cheap as possible so regular people can afford them..The will last 3-4 years without problems unless people use them incorrectly..


:eek Some people just dont get it,Mtd does not make the snow thrower engines!!!!

Most likely it is the customers fault in 90 percent of the case....If its a four cycle engine,pull out dipstick and wipe it off then replace dipstick and pull it out again,then check stick for oil,doesnt hurt to repeat this twice to make sure oil level is correct on stick,

Oil has a tendency to creep up the dipstick tube and give false reading when stick is first pulled out....

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