Keewatin, Minnesota

received a mtd snowblower for xmas a couple years ago, last winter the first snowfall it ran about 2 minutes and a gear in the auger housing broke, i called the home office and was told to get in touch with a local small engine repair business, well they said, do you have the bill of sale, i said no, then they asked if i could get it from the people that bought it as a gift. i said no they moved and had not kept it, then it turns out they wanted to look at it and yes i would have to pay them to look at it, THIS IS DISGUSTING !!! IT STINKS !!!


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To the person who can't spell warranty perhaps that is why they wouldn't "covor" it. Manufactuer's warranties are usually againts defects in material and or workmanship for a specific time period, proof of purchase is required as some models are available for a number of years.

If manufactuers allowed claims beyond a reasonable period there expenses would go up and so would purchase price. If you want a machine to last purchase additional coverage and have machine maintained.


Complainer said he had it for a couple of years. Most warranties are 90 days unless you buy an extended warranty. I'll bet he didn't. So your warranty had expired. Don't complain about MTD not honoring a warranty that no longer existed.

In defense of MTD I was fortunate to purchase a new riding mower in 2009 that the first owner was so excited when he un-crated it that he started it before reading the instructions. They clearly said to add motor oil before starting. That is clear neglect on the part of the owner. MTD had no obligation to replace the engine but they did. They replaced it with a 17 HP because they did not have a 15 HP in stock. All the guy would have had to do was pay for the R & R. He would not even do that. I got a $2000 machine for a $500 mechanic's bill. SWEET DEAL.

It goes to show "Ya can't fix ***" To Noel in MN: Pay your bill or not, somebody like me will come along and pay your bill for you and get a great deal on a nearly new machine. Thanks Pal!


Read your warranty BEFORE you need it people! It clearly states that proof of purchase is required.

The reason....

to show that you are the original owner and the date of purchase which is when the warranty BEGINS, regardless of the manufacturing date. The majority of denied warranty claims is due to user ignorance.

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